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Pet Grooming in Clayton


Pet grooming is sometimes thought of as “elective” when it comes to pet care.  Or, that brushing your pet’s fur or hair is enough to keep them in top shape. This simply isn’t the case, and the difference between a well-groomed pet and one who has experienced little to no professional grooming can be major.  Perhaps you’re asking why.  Why get your pet groomed, and what is the importance of doing so?  Why use a professional groomer rather than do it at home?  What can the right pet groomer in Clayton offer?


The Importance of Pet Grooming

This is blog on pet grooming, right?  So, let’s take a brief moment to address the importance of pet grooming for Clayton pets.  

Although grooming does improve your pet’s aesthetic, did you know it also improves and maintains their health?  Improper grooming habits can lead to skin conditions, infections, painful fur or hair tangles, and overgrown nails.  All of these things lead to pain for your pet, as well as a hefty vet bill. This is especially true in cases of dental care.  Improper care, or lack of care can lead to the loss of teeth and dietary adjustments, as well as more serious concerns like heart disease.

As if health wasn’t a large enough incentive, safety is also a major factor.  Overgrowth of nails, foreign bodies stuck on or in paw pads, sores on paws, and the like, can lead to issues with joints and muscles in your pet’s body.  Like you, an injury to a foot will cause your pet to change the way they walk or move so as to reduce pain.  This can then temporarily or permanently damaged joints or muscles.  Outside of this more complex result of improper grooming, long nails are unsafe for you and your pet because they can cause injuries ranging from minor scratches to more serious cuts.


The Difference an Experienced Pet Groomer Can Make

You may know how to brush your pet’s fur or hair, but do you know how to properly care for their eyes, ears, and nails?  Can you spot the need for gland expression and take care of this need?  The right groomer will customize their services to the needs of your pet, carefully looking after the health and cleanliness of your pet.  They’ll ensure that claws are safely clipped, and are kept at a safe length.  They’ll know about the ideal methods of coat care, and whether or not trimming the coat may be ideal to help ensure optimal pet health and safety.  Moreover, they can spot skin conditions or abnormalities that a veterinarian may need to look at.  


If you’re ready to find pet grooming in Clayton, give Alpine Veterinary Hospital a call at (925) 825-8464, or schedule an appointment.


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