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Pet Grooming in Concord


If you want your pet to look and feel its best while receiving exceptional pampering by a professional, medically-trained team, then you need to find expert pet grooming in Concord. Grooming is about more than a fancy haircut. A qualified groomer is well-trained in helping you maintain your pet’s eyes, ears, coat, and nails. Here are more details about the services you should be considering when finding pet grooming near Concord.


From tear stains to chronic eye irritation, any groomer should be paying close attention to your pet’s visual needs when working with them. In addition to trimming any overgrown fur around the eyes, a qualified groomer can be your first defense in noticing redness, swollen conjunctiva, itching or inverted eyelashes that may cause larger health problems in your pet.


Dirty ears can lead to chronic infections, inflammation and permanent hearing loss in your pet. Breeds with long, floppy ears or those with very short, cropped ears are the most prone to these conditions. It is important to have your pet’s ears cleaned out professionally as needed. Untrained cleaning can cause additional problems, as it is easy to damage an animal’s ear drums by using improper tools or cleaning solutions.


Some breeds of cats or dogs may benefit from regular grooming to maintain a healthy coat, as their hair continually grows. Double-coated breeds may require a full brush-out twice yearly as their coat naturally sheds. Others may benefit from having their fur trimmed for medical reasons such as the build-up of mats, chronic skin conditions, wound repair and more. Whatever your pet needs, it is important to find a place offering pet grooming in Concord that puts your pet’s health first. In addition to bathing and grooming, you want a team who can examine and discover any abnormalities including rashes, parasites, or lumpy tissue that may require further veterinary treatment.


Overgrown nails can lead to an irregular gait and cause orthopedic problems in your pet. They can also grow into the footpad, which may cause infection. Pets with long dew claws, extra toes, or congenital defects may experience the uneven wear of their nails, resulting in recurrent bleeding or breakage. It is important to ensure your pet’s nails are kept at an appropriate length and trimmed just before the quick, and for the toes and pads to be examined by an experienced groomer. Well-trimmed nails can also prevent unwanted scratching and save both you and your furniture!


If you’re ready for a pet that looks and feels great, book your first session of pet grooming near Concord at Alpine Veterinary Hospital today by calling our office at (925) 825-8464. We look forward to hearing from you!

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