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Cat Wellness Plans

Cat Wellness Plan

Our wellness plans are for pet owners who want peace of mind for their feline friends. Your pet gets premium preventative care at an exceptional price. Paying only $39.99 per month, they receive care that’s equivalent to or greater than $1200 worth of services. Plus, they’re protected from potentially dangerous and expensive diseases down the road.

Cat Wellness Plans Include:

    • 2 Comprehensive Exams/Year
    • Annual Core Vaccines
    • Discounted Diagnostic Testing
    • Preventive X-rays (1 Set/Year)
    • Eye Pressure Testing
    • Electrocardiograms (1/Year)
    • Preventive Dental Cleaning (1/Year)
    • Senior Pet Exams & Blood Panels at a Discount
    • 20% OFF Select Services, Products & Medications
The wellness plan is not an insurance.
Services that are included in the wellness plan can not be replaced by other services.
*Wellness plans start 1 month after subscription sign-up.*
Subscription payments are recurring.
First time enrollees pay setup and first month of subscription.

Setup Fee: $39.99
Duration: 1 month
Price: $39.99

Cat Wellness Plans

$39.99 / month

  • Comprehensive Physical Exam (2x/year)

    This in-depth evaluation assesses your cat's overall health and establishes important baseline information for you and your veterinarian. Your cat’s comprehensive physical exam includes:

    • Ear exam
    • Eye exam
    • Dental exam
    • Neurological evaluation
    • Cardiovascular evaluation
    • Weight & Nutritional Counseling
    • Coat & skin evaluation
    • Abdominal palpation
    • Urogenital evaluation
    • Musculoskeletal evaluation
    • Pulmonary/lung evaluation
  • Vaccines

    Cat health plans protect your pet against a wide variety of diseases and infections with routinely recommended vaccines to meet your cat’s individual needs.

    • Leukemia (1x)
    • Feline Distemper (1x)
    • Rabies (1x)

    * Most vaccines are included in your plan. Your veterinarian may recommend additional vaccinations that are not included. Vaccine booster included in first year only.

  • Diagnostic Testing

    These routinely recommended tests allow us to build baselines for current and future care, allowing us to identify disease, parasites and infections. Early testing can help us catch health issues before they become more serious and harder to treat as your cat ages.

    • Blood Work, includes internal organ screens
    • Ear swab and microscopic exam
    • Leukemia test
    • Feline immunodeficiency virus test*
    • Feline immunodeficiency virus test*

    *First year only.

  • Dental Cleaning

    Professional teeth cleaning prevents serious infection, tooth loss, pain and the potential for heart and kidney disease. We always thoroughly assess your cat's health before administering anesthesia for any dental procedure.

    • Pre-anesthetic blood testing
      • Complete blood count
      • Internal organ screens
      • Electrolytes
    • Blood pressure check
    • General anesthesia
    • Pain medication*

    * Includes pain medication before and directly after procedure. Your veterinarian may recommend additional take-home pain medication that is not included.

  • Urine Testing

    This examination helps us detect infections, dehydration and disease.

  • Electrocardiograms

    This helps us verify that the electrical system in the heart is functioning normally.

  • Unlimited Brief Exams

    No need to delay when you have a concern about your cat's health!

  • 20% off most other services including products and medications

    Beyond preventive care basics, you can save on other care your cat may need.

  • Exam and blood work for $85

    If you are a subscriber of this package you will have this benefit for only $85 dlls

  • Preventative for senior pets that will be an exam and senior bloodwork for $105

    If you are a subscriber of this package you will have this benefit for only $85 dlls

*Recurring Payment
*This is Not an Insurance!

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